We love food. We really love food.

Logan is very different. Cheese factories instead of sky scrapers, open fields with cows instead of suburbia, and mountains all around instead of suffocating greenery. We love it. But oftentimes I've wondered what in the world I was doing in Logan, UT. So many times I've frantically said to myself, there's nothing here!
But after several years of living here, you find there are things going on every day and new places to haunt.

Utah is amazing for food. Maybe it doesn't have it going on as much as Austin, TX (mm.. I adore Austin..) but it holds its own. Guy Fieri once said that his favorite city for food is Salt Lake. And I totally agree. Utah has so many small, local restaurants, and that's what you want! Small dives almost always serve amazing food.

Logan isn't Salt Lake City, but it's where hubs and I currently go to school. So we'll be posting lots of reviews from Logan's eateries, good and not so good for those people wondering, is it really as good as everyone says it is?

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