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640 S 35 E at the Riverwoods - map it!
Self described as Contemporary American cuisine, Elements is a culinary powerhouse when it comes to beautifully crafted dishes, in terms of presentation and taste. It may seem like a big fish in a small pond, but the chefs that run the kitchen are truly talented and compete on the levels of any city's best restaurants. Elements is spacious and stunning on the inside with its modern, loft-like architecture and soft lighting. Surprisingly affordable and with its own pub-style bar addition, this restaurant will definitely change how you eat in Logan.

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Hubs and I have ordered several options from their menu and here is what we think:

Gaufrette Potato Chips - PASS.  We thought they meant 'chips' as in potato slices but they were literally fried waffle chips. Really heavy and not a great way to start a meal. Sauce was heavy and soaked through the center chips in minutes, leaving the other chips bare. We ate like 5 chips and called it quits. Great presentation though.

Firecracker - B  The standard hummus and chips (hummus not pictured, sorry! It was a decent serving but really unphotogenic). The chips and bread were great but the hummus was a bit lacking, like grocery store hummus. Unless you really have to have hummus, stick with the complimentary bread basket for your starch.

Thai Lettuce Wraps - A+  Always delicious and worth every penny. The bok choy salad is so good and the flavor profiles are spot on! Super impressed! The sauces are pretty good but the only one hubs and I keep reaching for is the chili garlic sauce as the curry one is a bit strong and the peanut sauce was just okay. Pretty messy but our waiter dropped off hot towels with the appetizer (so thoughtful of Elements!) Really filling so we think 3-4 people could share this and still be good to go for the entree course. After the complimentary bread basket and this, the hubs and I were pretty full.

Baby Spinach Salad - A-  We've only ever had this as a side and it's HUGE. The salad itself is amazing but it always has way too much dressing on it. Can easily share this side with another person (or two) due to the size. I definitely appreciate the chefs giving us more bang for our buck, but it doesn't let you savor your last few bites and longingly look at your now-empty plate. Size down the portion by half and scale back on the dressing and it'll soon become a crazy favorite.

Sorry! Hub's iPhone picture bc someone forgot her phone and her camera...
Shrimp Platter - A  Great variety and worth the money. Shrimp lovers rejoice!  (Cold Weather Special)
  • Chilled Prawn Cocktail - A  I love shrimp cocktail so this was awesome. Great sauce with a nice kick from the horseradish. Prawns were really fresh and chilled at the right temp.
  • BBQ Tiger Shrimp - B  Didn't love this compared to the other options. My least favorite as the BBQ sauce wasn't anything special.
  • Cajun Rock Shrimp - B+  It was pretty good, but definitely got out-staged by the coconut shrimp which I felt was too similar and got its butt kicked by coconut-y goodness.
  • Coconut Shrimp - A+  I feel sometimes a perfect coconut shrimp is the end-all of favorite foods lists. There is simply nothing better than a perfectly executed coconut shrimp. And admittedly, it's hard to perfect. The batter has to be perfectly cooked so as not to overcook the coconut and avoid fryer-taste, while thoroughly cooking the shrimp, but not overcooking it. And then the sauce as to be equal parts sweet and citrus-y. If you have been searching for said coconut shrimp, you have found it. At Elements. 

BBQ Chicken Woodfired Pizza - A-  Their woodfired pizzas are seriously amazing and a straight up deal at the $8-10 range offered. So good, hubs orders it every single time we're at Elements. Not the best BBQ Chicken pizza ever, but pretty dang close.

Lobster Ravioli - A  So, so good. I would have liked something to cut the lavishness of this dish (like chopped asparagus maybe? capers?) but on a winter night, it seriously hit the spot. Can't really distinguish the lobster as its ground into the filling and not lumps of lobster like I would have liked, but at $23 in Logan, I really can't complain. Beautifully crafted dish and the fragrant saffron risotto was everything I dreamed of and more. Plus, it comes with lots of little shrimp for an added seafood boost. Yum! Comfort food at its best!

Turkey Chop - A+  If you like turkey at all, you will love this dish! An unexpected gem in their vast menu, this dish is brilliant; the turkey is so perfectly cooked- juicy and tender and mind-blowing and goes well with the marmalade/reduction (peach and orange, I think?). The filet-mignon-like bacon wrapped turkey is finished with butter and does not have the weird gamey taste that it usually has. If you said this was hearty chicken, I would have believed you! The french beans are cooked with bacon and compliment the Thanksgiving theme perfectly. And as always, the sweet potatoes here are a must-have. So good you will want to wrap yourself up in it and give in to the food coma that will surely ensue.

Price Range - $8 - 29
Surprisingly affordable and worth every penny! There's something for everyone here in their smartly curated menu and full size salads and soups go for as cheap as $5! Whether it's a causal lunch (even cheaper prices) or a romantic night out, Elements will never disappoint!

Be sure to check out their Cold Weather Specials for their daily special offerings!

Verdict - 5 stars
Whenever the hubs and I want to have a nice night out or have a thoughtfully prepared meal, this restaurant is it. The chefs deserve medals for opening a place like this in Logan. Everything on the menu is so well put together and the effort really shows. From this happy foodie, please never change the quality!

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