Hamiltons Steak and Seafood

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Hamiltons is set up with tables and booths in a very open, lodge-style building. It has a huge fireplace right in the center and big, exposed wooden beams in the ceiling and I aspire to live in it one day. They serve everything from seafood to steaks to chicken. It's a great environment for a nice date or a refined family outing and especially great for weddings. Hamiltons is where we had our wedding rehearsal dinner, so it's held in a special place in our hearts. That being said, let's pick it apart.

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Their caesar salad is ordinary, but their candied apple salad was fresh and playful (the sweet caramel vinaigrette is creative and delicious). The potato chowder is a must-try. It's not all all thick and chowdery but very like a soup and comforting. I preferred the miso glazed salmon over cedar plank salmon and my husband loved the chicken cordon bleu more than the herb chicken (I don't quite agree, but then again I'm not partial to chicken cordon bleu like he is). The steak was tender and everything it should be, but it is a steakhouse right? The desserts are simply the best, the sorbets are exactly what I imagine if eating perfume would be like in the best sense possible (airy, sweet, flowery, you get what I mean), and the german chocolate cake is so rich, the two of us couldn't finish it. The cheesecake was fantastic, although simple. And whenever you see an apple crisp on the menu, you know it's good. The creme brule made me sad because it was grainy and not custard-like as it should be. But if you crave it like I do, order it! It's still good (Haagen Daz makes an amazing creme brule ice cream by the way).

Price Range
Hamiltons is definitely on the pricier side from a college student's point of view, but the work they put into it goes above and beyond the standard. The menu is very well thought through and they use great ingredients. If you're looking to feed more than 10 people, going with the catered reservation is the cheapest way to go. It's just like the normal setting, you just get to pick the food people will want to order 48 hrs+ in advance.

Verdict - 4.3 stars
I love Hamiltons. It's a beautiful environment that makes you feel at home with great stick-to-your-ribs food and definitely an accessible fine dining option without being snobby. There is something there for everyone, no matter how shy or adventurous, picky or gluttonous.

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