La Tormenta

105 E 1600 N - map it!
La Tormenta is located on the strip mall to the left the old Walmart (if you're facing Walmart). While the name provides entertainment in forms of wondering what the owners must have been thinking (plotting?) naming it the way they did, is it La Tormenta in the bathroom aftermath? Is it La Tormenta while waiting for the food? (We pompous English speakers crudely translate by taking off the a/o at the end). It's a dive-type of place, lacking decor and ambiance- but aren't those the best? No showy gimmicks, just honest to goodness soul food.

La Tormenta offers great, authentic Mexican at an honest price. I always go for the smothered burrito, and at $4.99 it comes with a side of rice and beans and a slow simmered beef burrito smothered in what has got to be the most cheese I've ever consumed in one sitting. But whereas that's enough to leave me a little over comfortably full, hubby always orders a couple of either the regular tacos or crispy tacos (not hard shell, actual fried tacos) alongside his burrito. You can probably tell we don't branch out of the smothered burrito, but why settle for less when we can order the best every time? They offer so much more, like stuffed peppers, the carne asada plate, fried fish, beef stew, and so much more. The quesadillas are lackluster, a simple tortilla filled with a white cheese and nothing else. it's teeny and at $2.49, definitely opt for the tacos instead ($1/ea for regular, $1.25 for crispy). All of the entrees come out with a cute mini condiments bar, a trio of salsa verde (which I slather on everything), grilled onions (it used to be pico de gallo but I actually prefer this more), and pickled jalapeños and carrots.

Price Range
The prices they have set for the more popular dishes have slowly gone up, but it's minuscule and they set them so low initially that it doesn't bother me. For a great meal for two coming in at around $10, I won't complain. It might not be romantic date material, but it satisfies like none other.

Verdict - 4.2 stars
While La Tormenta does not mean 'the torment' for us crude translators (it actually means 'storm'- brought to you by my lowly Spanish education), hubby and I love this place to bits and visit there at least once a week. It's so far one of the best Mexican in Cache Valley and it's taken the Logan college fooding scene by delicious brute force, nothing less we expect from La Tormenta. If you're looking for messy, satisfying, honest to goodness Mexican soul food, this is the place.

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